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Administrativni posao

Objavljeno: 20.05.2021. 13:02

Forum Novus usluge d.o.o traži studenta/icu za administrativne poslove

Vrsta posla: Admin/HR Assistant

Mjesto obavljanja posla: Pani, Maksimirska 66, Zagreb

Početak i očekivano trajanje posla: pocetak odmah, trajanje po dogovoru

Neto cijena sata posla ili količina posla (za redoviti rad): 30kn/h

Prijave na erol.irmak@gmail.com

We are looking to hire a student preferably in the field of Business Administration / Economics pursuing a Master’s Degree.  She / he will work mostly FREELANCE as an ADMIN/HR assistant in hospitality sector.



  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills,
  • High computer literacy,
  • Problem-solving skills,
  • English B2 proficiency level or more.


  • Posting job ads to appropriate job boards, digital platforms and social media outlets,
  • Collecting and screening job applications, organizing and attending interviews together with members of the management,
  • Assisting with the onboarding of new employees through providing an orientation to cover basic rules and requirements of the workplace (not including on-the-job training of specific job tasks which will be provided by dedicated trainers),
  • Making and posting weekly schedules on a regular basis for a team of up to 25 people (mostly students) for 2 fast food restaurants, 1 café and occasionally for teams needed to cover various short-term summer festivals in the city,
  • Managing irregular/sudden vacancies and arranging replacements,
  • Tracking paperwork of employees.

Basic hourly rate is 30 kn that could be negotiable in case of an advanced level of previous relevant experience.

Waiting to receive applications from candidates who fully match the above criteria.

Please apply via e-mail at erol.irmak@gmail.com